Technical Advisor

Darshan Khedekar

Darshan is a technical advisor for PRIMARI AI.

He has more than 15 years experience pioneering innovative solutions that use edge technologies for market speed and efficiencies in the financial technology and market data industries. Darshan’s expertise spans capital markets technology consulting and trading platforms with specialization in electronic trading and market data architecture.

Darshan is an exchange architect at NASDAQ where he leads the creation and designs of innovative, cloud-centric, high-performance data-driven financial solutions that utilize a diverse range of machine intelligence techniques. Prior to NASDAQ, Darshan served as a senior engineer with the Deutsche Börse group. He also served as an architect and design consultant for Tata Consulting and the National Securities Depository Limited. His international work experience includes Asia, Europe and North America.

Darshan received an M.B.A from Harvard University, and an Engineering degree in Computer Architecture from the University of Mumbai.

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